Top priority for the Chamber this week is to resolve the ongoing saga of the opening and closing of pharmacies on specific days remarkably Saturday afternoons as well as vacation leave or shut down days. The Chamber has been asked by Medicines Authority to make its submissions on the LN 364 of 2002 re Opening and closing of Pharmacies by the 8th May. In this regard please take note of the announcement below:


RE: LN 364 OF 2002: Opening & Closing of Pharmacies



A draft response/proposal to Medicines Authority will be presented and discussed, a vote will be taken.

Annual Membership Fee

Kindly note that the annual membership fee for 2009 is now due. With your renewal, the Chamber will send a receipt via e-mail (or regular mail should you prefer) that confirms your membership and its validity.

Please note that whoever fails to pay his/her membership fee will be in default and his/her name will be deleted from the database and thus will not receive any correspondence, or invitations to proceedings of the Chamber.


May we remind you that the Malta Chamber of Pharmacists is the National Pharmaceutical Association with Trade Union privileges and responsibilities representing pharmacists in all areas of practice.

It is your responsibility to submit this information as well as inform the Chamber whenever you change job/area of practice to ensure that the database is kept updated and any correspondence will reach you in a timely manner.

Any information provided, will be strictly used for the execution of statutory Chamber roles and responsibilities.

Thank you for your kind attention.

The Chamber Council