PRESS RELEASE 8th April 2010

The Kamra ta’ l-Ispizjara ta’ Malta shall and has always been in favour of the relocation of pharmacies, but always and only according to Law.

The Kamra has been closely following the case of the relocation of a pharmacy in Valletta and notes the court decision ordering the Health Authorities to issue a ‘temporary’ licence for a pharmacy in breach of the Medicines Act (2003) and the Pharmacy regulations (LN 207/07 and amendment 81/2008)

The Kamra states that from the very outset, it was never involved in the matter as it developed.

The Kamra also notes that with reference to The Times reports of the court proceedings, the DG Public Health Regulation, who is also invested with the responsibilities of Licensing Authority by virtue of the Medicines Act, failed to uphold the application of the Laws and regulations on the licensing of pharmacies.

In the opinion of the Kamra this is a serious precedent that shall have devastating lasting consequences on the pharmacy system and the reforms in the primary health care sector much advocated by Government.

It is truly a sad day for Malta if Government and its Authorities, who have the responsibility to safeguard and uphold the laws and regulations of the country, are perceived to be doing the exact opposite.

The Kamra asks: where should law abiding citizens look to rest assured that the laws of the country are safeguarded and upheld?

Mary Anne Sant Fournier
President , Kamra ta’ l-Ispizjara ta’ Malta

The President of Malta,
The Prime Minister of Malta,
The Minister of Justice,
The Attorney General,
The Minister of Health,
The Parliamentary Secretary for Small Business and Land,
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