The Kamra ta’ l-Ispizjara ta’ Malta welcomes the Government’s commitment to resolve the present out-of-stock medicines situation as declared by the Hon Minister of Finance in the Budget speech yesterday.

While the Kamra has always stated that it is a moot point, that it is high time that concrete and effective action is taken to resolve the prevailing out-of-stock medicines situation  – which is the single most deleterious prospective (ongoing) event effecting negatively the management of the POYC scheme and the development by Pharmacists of their pharmaceutical care services focusing on the needs of their patients  – these same pharmacists have been reduced to rationing medicines and policing patients’ entitlement on behalf of the POYC Unit . This is not the ideal on which the objectives of the POYC at its inception were based by the tripartite negotiators (Government, the Kamra ta’ l-Ispizjara and the GRTU-Pharmacy Section).

Regrettably, the Kamra and its partners have not been consulted at all on the contents of this white paper or any direction that this document is taking.  In a recent meeting with the Permanent Secretary Ministry of Health, the partners were informed that a white paper will be issued and were assured that all discussions on this paper will be discussed.

POYC has revolutionised the community pharmacy services in the country and compares (other than the out-of-stock situation) admirably to that of our European Counterparts. On this occasion it is appropriate to thank the commitment of all participating pharmacists and pharmacy owners which is primarily directed at patients.

The Executive Council of the Kamra ta’ l-Ispizjara ta’ Malta


– END –