The Malta Chamber of Pharmacists refers you to today’s published article on maltarightnow news portal by Kenneth Xuereb (re OOS Medicines in POYC, preferential treatment and undue pressure on the pharmacist) and categorically denies the version of facts given by the author. 
PRO, Claire Calleja told the journalist yesterday in a phone call
“such instances of preferential treatment for dispensing medications have been addressed in the past by this Chamber. This started to happen towards the end of the last legislature and continues to happen. Of course as soon as the chamber is made aware of these instances it takes the matter up with the Government of the day in the appropriate quarters stating that such episodes are unacceptable as it puts pharmacists in the line of fire going against all ethical principles. We are aware and saddened at the situation and especially the way the media tries to take political mileage out of a very delicate and sensitive issue. It is a fact that pharmacists and patients are those to bear the brunt of the inefficiencies of the Government of the day be it past or present. We call upon both parties to stop making a political ball out of health and address the serious long standing issues without delay in the appropriate fora with the partners in the POYC scheme.”
When the journalist contacted president, Mrs. Mary Ann Sant Fournier she endorsed the statement previously made by the Chamber’s PRO.