The Malta Health Network (MHN) was set up in 2007 with the aim of representing in Malta, in the EU and internationally, the health-related interests of patients and the wider community, and of coordinating capacity-building and best practice exchanges among Health Non-Governmental (NGO) ‘Not for Profit’ (NPO) Organizations and Patient Representation Groups (PRGs). MHN is independent of the Government of Malta and of any political organization.


Although founded with 20 member-organizations, the Network today number isclose to 40 associations. The MHN supports initiatives to protect patients’ health and actively promotesThe European Charter of Patients’ Rights. MHN strives to give patients a voice on health-related issues in Malta and beyond and participates in consultation sessions related to health and patient issues and maintains regular communication with local health Authorities.MHN is continuously enhancing communication on health-related and patient-concerns between Health NGOs, NPOs and PRGs, and Health and Governmental Authorities and the wider community.

Registered with the Commissioner of NGOs, MHN is a recognised legal entity in Malta, possessing all the related rights and obligations including annual submission of an Activity and Financial Report. MHN is also an active member of the National Cancer Platform. In 2016 it was instrumental in establishing the basis for the Societal Impact of Pain (SIP) Malta Platform, a healthcare resource involving diverse stakeholders with an interest in Chronic Pain.

The MHN is a recognized member of the European Patients’ Forum (EPF), the European Public Health Alliance (EPHA), the International Alliance of Patients Organisations (IAPO) and Volonteurope. MHN has regularly collaborated with Active Citizenship Network (ACN),notably in the promotion of Patients’ Rights and Patients’ Rights ’Day, Patients’ Rights in the Cross Border Health Care Directive and was instrumental in provoking an awareness of Chronic Pain in Malta.

The Kamra tal-Ispizjara ta’ Malta looks forward to a closer working relationship with MHN in the interest of patients whom the pharmacists serve on a daily basis. Through this affiliation community pharmacists will be able to disseminate more information about ongoing events and activities organised by this patient lobby group.