The Chamber


The Malta Chamber of Pharmacists is the voice of the pharmacy profession in Malta and a key promoter of the safeguarding of the health of the public through its policies and its members. The Chamber is a pioneer in the introduction of the Pharmaceutical Care Concept in Malta.

The Malta Chamber of Pharmacists is the pharmacists’ registered trade union open to all pharmacists practicing in all areas – hospitals, administration, community, marketing, academia and industry – linking all branches of the profession.

It is the only pharmacy professional body with a right to negotiate terms and conditions of service with government and others. This trade union is a source of professional advice on problems regarding the profession.

The Malta Chamber of Pharmacists monitors undergraduate Pharmacy Education and promotes excellence in this field. It is also a promoter of postgraduate specialization in various areas of practice and a pioneer in the organization of Continuing Professional Developments since 1981 so as to ensure the competence of practice to its members


Single member: € 35
Married Couple: € 60
Senior Citizen: € 25
Students (Associate Member): € 10

METHODS OF PAYMENT Kindly fill in the application form. It would be greatly appreciated if payment could be affected by cheque made payable to the “Malta Chamber of Pharmacists” or via internet banking to HSBC account no 089-022594-001 or BOV account no 40017968768.

Download Membership Form


– Information via e-mail on important meetings and discussions being held by the Chamber with the authorities where the pharmacy profession is concerned.

– You can copy us in e-mail with any concerns or difficulties you have in different areas of practice and these will be discussed in meetings with the respective authority such as, Minister of Health, Medicines Authority, Director General Public Health Regulation, POYC Department, etc. The Chamber is in contact with these and other Authorities on a regular basis.

– The right to ask the Chamber for advice on specific professional , ethical and legal matters or issues.

– Direct representation in the major national consultation structures including – Malta Standards Authority, MCESD and MEUSAC Core Group and sectoral committees through CMTU and Malta Federation of Professional Bodies affiliations.

– Direct representation in International Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical organizations including the PGEU and CPA.

– Do away with the excessive worry and desperation of trying to find a locum – FREE stand alone advertising for locum service or situations vacant for managing pharmacists is available.

– Annual rate subscription fee of ONLY € 40 to PJ Online instead of € 305. Highly recommended for those who want to complete Continuing Professional Development modules from the comfort of their home. (Clinical Pharmacy apart from Community Pharmacy modules are also available.)

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