PJ Online – Continuing Professional Development (CPD) at your Fingertips

The Kamra ta’ l-Ispizjara ta’ Malta is providing added membership benefits in the form of a respected journal website as an ongoing support of members’ Continuing Pharmaceutical Development efforts.

PJ Online the gateway to the world of pharmacy and medicines NOW on offer at a heavily discounted price. Clinical Pharmacist journal online access also included!


Fully paid up members of the Kamra ta’ l-Ispizjara ta’ Malta for the second year in a row may avail themselves of a heavily discounted subscription to the highly respected journal website of the Pharmaceutical Journal (PJ) as well as the Clinical Pharmacist journal. These are two very reputable journals published in Great Britain by the Pharmaceutical Press.

PJ Online includes daily news updates ensuring that members do not miss the very latest pharmaceutical news, interactive forums and ask-the-expert sessions. Also included are letters, book reviews, and reports on international conferences. Subscribing to the PJ Online will entitle members to free online access to the content of Clinical Pharmacist, the leading clinical pharmacy publication in Great Britain. Clinical Pharmacist concentrates on issues of direct relevance to pharmacists working in clinical roles in any sector of the profession – especially hospital pharmacy – enabling readers to keep abreast of current advances in their fields and supporting the development of professional skills and knowledge.

Special rates and incentives for members of the Kamra:

Currently the individual annual rate is £270 (305 Euros).
1. For LESS THAN 3.50 Euros a month or 40 euros per annum members of the Kamra can have the benefit of a wealth of knowledge at their fingertips.
2. Furthermore, you will receive ELECTRONIC CERTIFICATES whenever you complete a module. These can forwarded at the end of May 2011 to the Kamra ta’ l-Ispizjara ta’ Malta for endorsement.
3. The pharmacist with the greatest number of completed modules and CPD points will have a FREE CHAMBER MEMBERSHIP + PJ ONLINE SUBSCRIPTION FOR THE FOLLOWING YEAR.

Go to http://www.pjonline.com to see what you can get!

So what are you waiting for? Enrol today!


You need to be a paid up member for the present year. If you are not paid up yet then you need to send in annual renewal fee 35 euros + PJ online subscription 40 euros. Follow the easy instruction below:

1. Go to the “Membership” area on the website and download the form and send a cheque payment to the Malta Chamber of Pharmacists to the Professional Centre, Sliema Road, Gzira. Please write your registration number, mobile or land line contact number and e-mail address on the back of the cheque.
2. Alternatively, send us an e-mail and make your payment online via internet banking. If you hold an HSBC account this may be done via ‘Transfers’ option on the menu then selecting payment to ‘another third party account with HSBC bank’. Similar system for BOV account holders by making payment to ‘third party beneficiary’ Please ensure you write your name and surname as well as registration number in the transaction narrative details box at the bottom before transferring payment. HSBC account no 089-022594-001 or BOV account no 40017968768.

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