Final CPD Dialogue Session 20th June – Feeling Stressed with a Complete Burn Out?

The Kamra ta’ l-Ispizjara ta’ Malta is holding its last Spring 2011
Continuing Professional Development (CPD) dialogue meeting on Monday 20th June entitled Feeling Stressed with a Complete Burn Out? at the
Professional Centre, 127, Sliema Road, Gzira at 7.30pm.  Guest Speaker is Mr. Bernard Caruana, Clinical Psychologist.  The session will be chaired by Kamra President Ms. Mary Ann Sant Fournier.

It is a well known fact that in our profession we all feel an accumulation of pressure in whatever field we may be practicing – be it in Community Pharmacy where patients have become more demanding and systems and regulatory challenges have increased, be it as a Responsible Person who must ensure that  pharmaceutical wholesale activities are held within strict time lines, regulatory requirements and with best attention to pharmacists in their patient’s interest or a Qualified Person who needs to ensure quality, safety and efficacy of medicinal products and their timely placement on the market with all regulatory matters in order, or again, pharmacists in  marketing where sales plans and targets need to be met in an extremely challenging and competitive environment. In general, audits, regulatory inspections and requirements as well as tight deadlines generate an element of great apprehension which no matter what have to be met at the end of the day.  Central to all this is patient safety at all times.

Also, one cannot underestimate the fact that most pharmacists are  parents who have children at home to care for and shuttle here and there; or elderly family members who need their attention; and other commitments.  On top of all this there may be other external pressures.

Some people can deal with stress well enough but at times no matter how strong a character or personality there is a breaking point!

Come and join us in this last session before we break for summer in the hope that times of relaxation lie ahead of us!

During his brief presentation Mr. Caruana will present the following:
–         Definition & concept of stress
–         Personality & breaking point
–         Accumulation of stress
–         Family stress and external pressures
–         Stress vs. burn out
–         Overview of effective management techniques

Following the presentation the floor will be opened for discussion taking
the form of an ASK THE EXPERT session with an open dialogue.  We encourage you to reflect and think as to what causes you most distress and share it with us either before the session via e-mail or during the session.

Members having attended 3 sessions of the Spring 2011 programme will receive a certificate of attendance.  Non-Members may either pay 10 euro for the session or renew their membership for 35euro/annum at the door.

For bookings SMS 79003024 or e-mail

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