The Medicines Authority has just launched a new service through which medical practitioners, dentists, pharmacists and health care professionals can recieve sms notifications with the latest information on medicinal products. The service is available free of charge for product recalls and when a Medicines Authority Circular is issued.

Product Recall Notifications: Where a defect of a medicinal product is considered to be a risk to public health, the Medicines Authority issues a product recall and the marketing authorisation holder withdraws the affected product from the market. During 2010, the Medicines Authority issued nine product recalls. All pharmacists can apply for SMS notifications for Product Recalls by visiting:

Medicines Authority Circular Notifications: The Medicines Authority issues circulars which include scientific information and recommendations on product administration methods. The circulars are an important means of communication between the Medicines Authority and medical practitioners, dentists, pharmacists and health care professionals as these detail changes on safety and risks of medicinal products. To apply for sms notifications for circulars, please visit:

This service is another step in becoming a more effective and supportive regulator whose mission is the protection of public health in Malta through the regulation of medicinal products and pharmaceutical activities. Through the sms notifications, users will recieve non-promotional material on the safety, quality and efficacy of medicinal products. The service is being provided in collaboration with the Malta Information Technology Agency (MITA) through the Mobile Government Shared Service.