A productive meeting was held between the Chamber of Pharmacists, the GRTU Healthcare Division, the Ministry and Parliamentary Secretariat responsible for Health.
All parties are committed to the Pharmacy of your Choice initiative and its evolution.
The Chamber of Pharmacists and GRTU stated clearly that they have never claimed that there was political discrimination in the POYC system.
Moreover further to the joint meeting, the Chamber of Pharmacists and GRTU were assured that the POYC is not being subjected to political discrimination in its operations.
The Chamber and the GRTU have surveyed their members and recognize that the inefficiencies of the procurement and  POYC processes are triggering consumers to complain to POYC when specific medicines are not available at pharmacies. POYC from their end often seek to address such shortages at pharmacies. All parties recognize the need to improve the system without requiring customers to complain about such matters.
All parties recognize that the POYC business processes and systems require significant improvements and will collaborate in the design and implementation of such improvements. These problems have been with the initiative for many years and need to be addressed urgently.