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As a precautionary measure to limit possible exposure to affected areas with Ebola, the Public Health Authorities recommend the general public to avoid nonessential travel to the West African nations of Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Nigeria and the Equator Province in Democratic Republic of Congo.

If travel to these countries is unavoidable, the following advice is recommended:
§ Avoid direct contact with blood or bodily fluids of a patient or a corpse and with objects possibly contaminated,

§ Avoid close contact with wild animals and consumption of ‘bush meat’,

§ Avoid having unprotected sexual intercourse,

§ Practice careful hygiene
If a person resided in areas where Ebola cases have been recently reported, he/she is advised to contact the Public Health Authorities on 2132 4086 at the first sign of illness, if this is within the 21 days of departure from the country. These include signs of fever, headache, achiness, sore throat, diarrhoea, vomiting, stomach pain, rash, red eyes, and in some cases, bleeding.

The general public is being informed on this travel advice through programmes on the media, information on the social media and through posters distributed in GP Clinics, Health Centres and Pharmacies.

For further information the public is advised to contact the Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Directorate on: 21324086