The Kamra is pleased to inform you that at the National Council meeting of the Confederation of Malta Trade Union (CMTU) held on Monday 14th December, Kamra President Mary Ann Sant Fournier was elected CMTU Vice President . We are very happy and honoured to have our President in the upper echelons of such a prestigious national organisation.

This is the first time that a woman and a pharmacist from the Kamra has held such a high position in the Confederation, and Mary Ann intends to use this in the best interests of both the CMTU and the Kamra.

The CMTU statute provides for 2 Vice Presidents, the other being the outgoing President Mr. William Portelli (MUBE), to work with new CMTU President Dr Martin Balzan (MAM).

Since Mary Ann is now Vice President, the CMTU statute provides for another member from the Kamra on the Council. We are pleased to note that our Kamra PRO, Claire Calleja shall be joining Mary Ann on this CMTU venture.

We trust that you as members of the Kamra approve and welcome these developments.

Kamra Executive Council