To all Pharmacists

Dear Colleagues,
As you may appreciate like in the rest of the world, everybody realises that 2009 is a challenging and trying year. We wish to inform you that the last AGM held in December 2008 noted that the outgoing Executive Council of the Malta Chamber of Pharmacists had successfully brought long-standing members’ mandates and numerous annual general meetings’ motions to fruition.

The new Executive Council 2008-2009 of the Malta Chamber of Pharmacists as elected by the Annual General Meeting 2008 held on the 9th December 2008 at the Federation of Professional Associations, Gzira:

Mrs. Mary Ann Sant Fournier B.Pharm M.Phil – President
Mr. Antoine Sciberras B.Pharm(Hons)- Vice-President
Mr. Max Borg Millo B.Pharm(Hons)- Hon. Secretary
Mrs. Margaret Parascandalo B.Pharm – Hon.Treasurer
Mr. John Vella B.Pharm(Hons) – Asst. Secretary
Ms. Claire Calleja B.Pharm(Hons) – Asst. Treasurer
Ms. Maryanne Ciappara B.Pharm M.Phil- member
Mr. Joseph J. Grima B.Pharm(Hons)- member
Mr. Anthony Sammut B.Pharm(Hons) M.A.(Dip. Studies) – member

The incoming Executive Council of the Malta Chamber of Pharmacists shall address the following priorities during this year:

1. Establishing continuous structured dialogue with colleagues in all areas of practice and representatives of the different stakeholders in Health Care.
2. The POYC implementation, monitoring, evaluation and re-engineering in the best interest of patients and pharmacists and the National Health Service, towards full national implementation, according to the MOU.
3. Empowering and supporting pharmacists through Continuous Professional Development programmes and campaigns with specific focus on Community Pharmacy and POYC: and other areas of practice.
4. Empowerment of pharmacists to take up clinical roles in hospital and community pharmacy practice.
5. The integration of pharmacists’ expertise in all fora which decide on pharmacy, pharmacists, medicines and health.
6. The further development of the Chamber to sustain it in capacity building to continue in its quest to attain the objectives of a vibrant profession facing national, European and international challenges beyond the first decade of the 21st century.

In order to achieve this and ensure a more effective line of communication we encourage you to submit your e-mail address and mobile contact number when renewing your membership on the attached form. Furthermore, please fill in the Area of Practice form as this will enable us to SMS and e-mail you on matters concerning you directly. As we appreciate that a small number of you may not use e-mail please specify this when renewing your membership so that we can keep you on a regular mail system.

Annual Membership Fee
Kindly note that the annual membership fee for 2009 is now due. With your renewal, the Chamber will send a receipt via e-mail (or regular mail should you prefer) that confirms your membership and its validity.
Please note that whoever fails to pay his/her membership fee will be in default and his/her name will be deleted from the database and thus will not receive any correspondence, or invitations to proceedings of the Chamber.

May we remind you that the Malta Chamber of Pharmacists is the National Pharmaceutical Association with Trade Union privileges and responsibilities representing pharmacists in all areas of practice.
It is your responsibility to submit this information as well as inform the Chamber whenever you change job/area of practice to ensure that the database is kept updated and any correspondence will reach you in a timely manner.
Any information provided, will be strictly used for the execution of statutory Chamber roles and responsibilities.
We thank you for your co-operation in this matter and look forward to being at the service of the profession for another year.