Today, Wednesday, 25 September is World Pharmacists Day instituted by  FIP, International Pharmacy Federation and celebrated around the world to acknowledge the contribution of pharmacists to the health and well being of patients.

This year’s theme for World Pharmacists Day is:

Pharmacists – simplifying your medicines use, no matter how complex.

Pharmacists practice in different roles –  in the pharmaceutical industry where concepts are transformed from raw materials to manufactured proprietary medicines ,which through pharmaceutical marketing and wholesaleing  arrive on the pharmacy shelf – these are dispensed against a prescription or on the pharmacists’ recommendation to patients – together with valuable yet simple, advice on the dosage regimen and other advice to help patients make the best use of their healthcare solution, i.e. medicines so that they reach their intended use and positive outcomes, no matter how complex their treatment may be. The more straightforward and simple a medication regimen is to follow, the more likely a patient will remain compliant and adherent to their therapy.  Pharmacists are in a prime position to help patients take their medications in a timely and appropriate manner to ensure that they receive the full benefit of therapy.

On this occasion the Malta Chamber of Pharmacists would like to thank all pharmacists for their professional services, not least pharmacists delivering a POYC service to chronic patients whose treatment is complex but rendered simpler to follow through the pharmacists’ advice and support, contributing to better adherence and outcomes.

The Chamber would also like to thank those numerous community pharmacists who albeit having a heavy workload, also volunteer and actively participate in

the Chamber’s health related campaigns, such as the successful Diabetes awareness and risk reduction campaign held in 2012 and again recently announced to take place this year.

The Chamber’s participation, with the full and enthusiastic collaboration of the students members of the Malta Pharmaceutical Students Association  – tomorrow’s pharmacists –  in this year’s ‘Science in the city’ event on Friday 27 September, marks in a significant manner the continuity of the development of the Pharmacy profession through the Pharmaceutical sciences –  our students are the  positive energy that makes us proud to see them developing into fledgling professionals,  engaged in volunteering to render our national projects successful in serving patients and promoting health.