The Malta Chamber of Pharmacists is pleased to inform you that it has reached an agreement with the Pharmaceutical Press of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain re the purchase at  reduced rate of the British National Formulary (BNF) Online.


The BNF Online usually sells at  € 160.  You can now pre-order your version at the following rates:

Members: € 80/annum

Non-members: € 105/annum


With 100% computerization across all community pharmacies it would be great to have such a resourceful tool at your fingertips! The advantage of the BNF Online version is that it is updated on a monthly basis. 

The Malta Chamber of Pharmacists encourages all pharmacy owners to invest in this important reference tool while promoting a paperless environment!

Furthermore, pharmacists in other areas of practice may wish to benefit from this special offer.

This offer will be valid if we get a minimum order quantity of fifty (50). Please send your expression of interest by 31st May by sending an e-mail to simply stating that you are interested in the offer/purchase. 


You are able to take a one month free trial by following the link on the right hand side of our page BNF ONLINE and entering the appropriate e-mail and password which have been sent out.  If you are not in receipt of this email please email us telling us your pharmacy council registration number or if you are a student your year of studies.

While hoping that such initiatives help you in your day to day practice we thank you for your kind attention and support.