These are the results of the Executive Council elections held at the 2014 AGM yesterday, Friday 19th December 2014.
Total number of valid votes cast: 277 & 1 invalid vote (TOTAL 278)
Palmier Alfie: 123 votes
Sant Fournier Mary Ann: 154 votes – ELECTED PRESIDENT
Total number of valid votes cast: 276 & 2 invalid votes (TOTAL 278)
The 15 candidates received the following votes:
Bonnici Marisabelle: 132 votes – ELECTED MEMBER
Borg Millo Max: 152 votes – ELECTED MEMBER
Calleja (Shaw) Claire: 147 votes – ELECTED MEMBER
Ciappara Mary Anne: 135 votes – ELECTED MEMBER
Cutajar Marvic: 99 votes
Elbourne Corinne: 108 votes
Grima Jojo: 155 votes – ELECTED MEMBER
Mifsud Sarah: 102 votes
Pace O’Shea Monica: 91 votes
Parascandolo Margaret: 156 votes – ELECTED MEMBER
Sammut Anthony: 120 votes
Shoemake Claire: 153 votes – ELECTED MEMBER 
Vella Janis: 114 votes
Vella John: 132 votes – ELECTED MEMBER
Vella Valerie 117 votes
The new 2015 Executive Council is therefore constituted of Mary Ann Sant Fournier – PRESIDENT and Margaret Parascandalo, Jojo Grima, Claire Shoemake, Max Borg Millo, Claire Calleja (Shaw), Mary Anne Ciappara, John Vella and Marisabelle Bonnici – MEMBERS
The Council would like to thank ALL candidates for contesting these elections.
The Council would also like to thank the two Electoral Commissioners, Antoine Sciberras and Marthese  Attard for their sterling work in conducting this election process. 
We wish you all a Peaceful Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.